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Monthly Main Meeting Highlights

We meet at Hurstville Senior Citizens Centre, 91 Queens Rd, Hurstville - see Meetings menu for details
Visitors are always welcome

Main meetings are held at 1:00pm in the auditorium of the Hurstville Senior Citizens Centre on the last Wednesday of each month (except December). Visitors are always welcome.

Below are highlights of recent meetings.

July 2019 Main Meeting

Anne Buhagia

At our July meeting, Anne Buhagia from Creative Vision Industries told us about 'Be Connected', an Australian Government initiative to help seniors develop their skills and confidence in the digital world.

At https://beconnected.esafety.gov.au users can obtain access to the following library of online topics:

  • The absolute basics
  • Getting to know your device
  • Getting started online
  • Safety first
  • More online skills
  • Connecting to others
  • All about data
  • WiFi and mobile networks
  • Online hobbies
  • All about apps
  • Game centre
  • Practice area
  • Apple iPhone: Getting started
  • Android Phone: Getting started
  • Apple iPad: Getting started
  • Android Tablet: Getting started

The learning material includes step-by-step videos and handy printable guides. If you register with an email address and password, ‘Be Connected’ will record your progress through the material.

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June 2019 Main Meeting

Renee McElroy

In her very informative presentation entitled "Cost of Living", Renee McElroy, a Cost of Living Specialist at the Service NSW Miranda Service Centre, told us about the rebates and savings available for NSW Government Services. Cost of Living Specialists are also located at Service NSW Hurstville and Rockdale Service Centres.

Details of rebates and savings are available online at https://www.service.nsw.gov.au or, if you need more assistance, book a free one hour appointment with a Cost of Living Specialist.

More than seventy rebates and savings are available for eligible residents under the following categories:

  • Driving and Transport
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Children
  • Health
  • Concessions
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May 2019 Main Meeting

Mark Young

At our May meeting, Mark Young from ASCCA gave a very informative and entertaining presentation about the delivery of multimedia content by streaming services over the internet.

Mark's presentation covered:
  • How streaming works
  • Why streaming has become so popular
  • Why you should try it
  • Some of the downsides
  • What you need for a good streaming experience
  • Subscription costs and how much data it uses
  • Experiences with streaming apps
  • What may happen in the future with streaming
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    April 2019 Main Meeting


    At our April meeting, Jonathon James from NBN Co reported on progress with the NBN rollout.

    NBN Co was established by the Australian Government in 2009 to design, build and operate a wholesale, open access phone and internet network and the company's prime focus is gradually shifting from the build to the operation phase.

    When NBN Co advises, by letter, that infrastructure is ready for service, residents have eighteen months to arrange with their preferred service provider to transfer fixed-line phone and internet services to the NBN.

    People who have a medical alarm service over their existing phone line are advised to register with NBN Co (Phone: 1800 227 300) to reduce the chance of outage or failure of that service at changeover.

    His excellent presentation can be viewed here. NBN Talk

    Also, be alert for scam NBN phone calls requesting money - NBN will never call you requesting payments.

    The https://www.nbnco.com.au website is a good source of information on the NBN and when it is scheduled to be available at your place.

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    March 2019 Main Meeting


    At our March meeting, Geoff Turton presented a selection of short topics, including:

    • A quiz to demonstrate some of the common features of phishing scams. https://phishingquiz.withgoogle.com
    • A geocoding system for communication of locations, called ‘what3words’. https://what3words.com
    • A good site for converting YouTube videos to sound tracks https://freemp3downloads.online

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    February 2019 Main Meeting


    At our February meeting, Allan Murrin from Joy Murrin Family Search Services gave us a valuable insight into the range of family history information available at www.familysearch.org

    In 2017, users had access to 5.9 billion searchable records worldwide. Additional data sources and records are added daily.

    A popular FamilySearch feature is the ability to create photo books based on family tree records.

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    January 2019 Main Meeting

    At our January meeting, an overview of the excellent (and free) FastStone Image Viewer photo management and editing program was presented.

    Geoff Turton described the program's image viewing features and hidden menu options.

    Marilyn Richardson demonstrated how to use some of the available image editing features including straightening, cropping, colour and lighting adjustments and red eye removal.

    Click on the image for more details and program download     FastStone

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    October 2018 Main Meeting

    Amber Dornbusch

    Amber Dornbusch gave a fascinating and comprehensive outline of the roll out of the nbn™ access network, as well as what needs to be considered when making the switch to nbn™. To find out when nbn™ access is expected to be available at your address, enter your address at https://nbnco.com.au. You have up to 18 months to sign up with a service provider once you have been notified that nbn™ access is available at your place.

    Her excellent presentation can be viewed here. NBN Talk

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    September 2018 Main Meeting


    At our September meeting, Marilyn Richardson shared some good advice on improving a computer's performance by freeing up space on the hard drive and uninstalling programs that are no longer required. Replacing a conventional hard drive with a solid state drive is the single most effective way to improve computer performance. Marilyn also suggested important things to consider before purchasing a new computer.

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    August 2018 Main Meeting

    The Annual General Meeting was held in August, at which

    ▶ The President, Pamela Samuels, presented the Annual Report
    ▶ The Committee for the next twelve months was elected.
    ▶ Three of our longest serving volunteers were honoured.

    20 years service

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    July 2018 Main Meeting


    James Kelly from Owen Hodge Lawyers gave a very informative presentation on the subject What happens to your social media accounts when you die? The contents of James’ handout at the meeting are available online

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    June 2018 Main Meeting


    Riza Veloso gave us a very interesting insight into her research into the subject of her PhD studies - how people suffering from dementia respond to music.

    After some general comments on dementia, Riza showed the video Alive Inside which highlighted the positive impact music can have on some dementia sufferers.

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    May 2018 Main Meeting

    Our May meeting was a most enjoyable celebration of Hurstville Seniors Computer Club’s 20 years of service for seniors in the St George area.

    Special guests who participated in the day’s proceedings were
        Mark Coure, MP, Member for Oatley,
        Nan Bosler OAM, President of ASCCA, and
        Alex Zaharov-Reutt, technology expert

    President Pamela Samuels also welcomed:
        Patrick Wynne, representing the member for Banks, David Coleman MP,
        Maxine Gray, former HSCC president,
        James Kelly from Owen Hodge Lawyers,
        Pam Collocott from Nurses on Wheels,
        Maria Athanascopoulos from Georges River Council, and
        Wayne Brightwell from Regway Computers.
    20year party
    We thank all members who contributed to make our milestone 20 year celebration such a memorable event.

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    Riza Veloso, who is currently a PhD candidate at the University of NSW, will be our guest speaker in February. Riza’s interest is in music psychology and her research involves investigating how people in the general population respond to music, then applying these findings to research involving people with dementia. Her goal is to improve the wellbeing and mental health of the ageing population. Riza is currently seeking older individuals (without dementia) to complete a university approved online survey. She is interested in this particular age group’s relationship to music.

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    January 2018 Main Meeting


    At our first meeting for the year we had an informative presentation from Uma Chandrasekaran (of the Department of Human Services Financial Information Service) on Accommodation Options in Retirement.

    Uma's talk covered:
    • Choosing whether to own or not,
    • How financial options can alter your choice,
    • Centrelink assessment for each choice, and
    • Financial advantages and disdavantages.

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