This New Look website is a work in progress

Hurstville Seniors Computer Club was established in 1998 to provide retired and semi-retired seniors aged 60 years and over an opportunity to learn how to use computers. The Club has approximately 240 members.

Volunteer tutors assist newcomers, on a one-to-one basis, to understand and gain confidence in all aspects of personal computing, including camputer basics, word processing, internet, email, spreadsheets, and so on.

The club also conducts special interest groups for members interested in the technical aspects of computers, digital imaging, digital video editing, genealogy and web design.

An important feature of this new site is that it is designed to be "responsive" which means that it has a consistent appearance using all popular browsers on devices ranging in size from iPhone5 to large smart TVs.


The committee, together with tutors and group leaders, is planning on how best to provide tuition in the various types of communication technology and social media for which members and prospective members are currently seeking our assistance.

While the main focus is still on Microsoft Windows systems and applications, requests are being received for help with applications on Apple and Android smart phones and tablets and using smart TV systems.

Suggestions on how these demands posed by new technology are very welcome.

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Club Member receives prestigious award

It is with great pride that we congratulate Marilyn Richardson, a long time member of our club who was presented with this year's Banks-electorate "Volunteer of the Year Award". David Coleman MP and Hon Julie Bishop MP were on hand to make this prestigious presentation.

Marilyn is involved in every aspect of our club from committee down to the go-to person when things go wrong. Well done Marilyn, you truly deserved this important award.

Award presentation to our club
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